Audio Production

Audio services

Gramercy Park Studios offers an audio production service for radio, TV and digital platforms, to create award winning creative content for the UK and international markets.

Radio Production

We offer a complete radio production service, from creative consultancy and copywriting to distribution of the final commercials, and everything in between.

Copywriting & Script development; Voice Casting; Music Searching, Licensing or Composition; RACC Clearance; Studio & Voice Direction; Distribution to stations

Voice Casting Specialists

We have cast hundreds of voices for a huge variety of projects. We’ll find the perfect talent for the job, whatever the medium or language.

Music Search & Licensing

Finding the perfect track for your production takes time. We can take the pressure off by sourcing high quality production music to fit your brief.

Studio Sourcing

If your talent isn’t able to make it to the studio in person, we can source studios in the UK and internationally so you will be able to connect remotely wherever they may be. Our studios are equipped with both ISDN and Source Connect, ensuring we can connect with virtually anywhere in the world.