Where the story begins. Our team of editors work with directors, agencies and broadcasters to craft immersive and engaging content either within the facility or on set using GPS Live, a proprietary system that allows live, real-time editing for immediate feedback. Fix it on set before you need to fix it in post.
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Our colourists work with the industry’s top directors, DoPs and creative teams using the discipline to ensure each film reaches its full visual and aesthetic potential. Plus with a high speed connection between our London and New York facilities, U.S clients can work remotely with our award winning UK based talent.
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From generating new or virtual worlds to simply enhancing the one we’re in, our artists work across multiple platforms to craft award winning visual effects. And our VFX supervisors can provide on set support, advice and solutions to ensure the post production process has begun before the shoot has even wrapped.
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From pre-visualisations to photo real creatures, landscapes, liquids and products, we generate innovative moving images and environments for brands and artists. Collaborating closely with the 2D VFX team or as a standalone unit, the CG department utilises the latest software to create high-end 3D animations.
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Motion Graphics

The motion graphics team fuses innovative graphic design with 2D and 3D animation to produce striking visuals using a variety of techniques and packages. Their work spans across short form commercial, broadcast and digital platforms.
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We record, design and mix immersive sound for TV, Radio, Cinema and Digital and have built a reputation as one of the leading audio post facilities in London. As part of our collaborative end to end solution, we are also uniquely placed to recognise the importance of sound throughout the post production process and in shaping your project.
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