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The Louvre Project showcases Mark Lewis’s unique way of immersing the viewers in real environments.

On this project Mark takes us through one of the most beautiful interior environments in the world with specific camera moves tailored to explore these real environments from novel views that no one would be able to experience otherwise.

In order to achieve his vision the artists at Gramercy Park Studios made use of the latest technologies in image acquisition, geometry extraction, 3d modeling and digital paint that allowed the Director to blend between live action shoot and virtual environments.

This was definitely a challenging and engaging project from both an artistic and technical point of view.

We are proud of the beautiful results achieved and on the knowledge that our team was able to generate from working on it.

In order to support the Director on deciding how to best shoot this project the team at Gramercy Park Studios created a low res version of multiple rooms in The Louvre.
This allowed Mark to virtually navigate through these rooms and decide on the kind of camera rig he would use, the kind of camera move and speed and which rooms he would like to build virtually in order to perform impossible camera moves.

Photo Shoot:
This project required both a live action shoot that as well as a stills shoot. Our team visited the Louvre a multiple times to perform an extensive photographic capture of the environments that Mark had selected from which high resolution textures and geometry were extracted using a photogrammetry workflow.

Hundreds of photos were calibrated in the virtual space, finding the exact position in 3D space that each photo was taken. From this calibration the team was able to:
Extract a base geometry and point cloud from which detailed and precise 3D models were created; extract digital textures that were then re-projected, edited, digital enhanced and mapped onto the 3D models.

Live Action:
Our team was on set supporting the Director during the live action shoot in order to create a seamless blend between the live action footage and the digital environment.
In order to blend between the real and the virtual our team recreated the camera move featured in the live action footage digitally in order to blend with the digital camera.
This allowed for a transparent blend between both environments and to portray the kind of voyage that Mark Lewis wanted to perform in these intricate spaces.