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  • client: Volvo
  • agency: Grey London
  • director: Juriaan Booij
  • production company: RSA


  • flame: Stephen Miller, Mark Beardall, Andrew Curtis, Esther Berglund
  • colour: Ben Rogers
  • vfx: Nuke Support: Harrison Ly, Terry Tsang
  • post producer: Josh King
RSA captured the amazing landscapes of Sweden, shooting very far north near Lapland.  Our work can only be intensified and complimented with epic material like this.

Mostly shot with the new Redcamera at 6K strapped to an Octocam.

Post required stabilsing all of the films with beauty clean up for the ultimate effect. Creating the “Special Effects” film entirely in post from an overcast day shoot and adding in the aurora borealis from stock purchased footage. Helping the fog in the “Fade-In” film by creating the exist transition of the Volvos through a post built fog and extending this in the background to hide any machines or gaps. Creating the mass of reindeer in the “Extras” films from single shot elements while replacing the ground.
Finished all the films off by adding titles and logos, clock soundlay and delivery in Full HD to SKY.

Excitedly these films have been received with the upmost of praise from both Volvo, SKY and Sky Atlantic.

SKY Channel Head, Zai: “Really pleased with them and I especially like the ones with a touch more humour like dialogue.”

Exposure: from 6am on Wednesday 22nd October, all encompassing film idents. Created 28 in total to run through the rest of 2014 and 2015.