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  • client: BBC Sport
  • agency: The Intro Partnership
  • creative director: Julian Gibbs
  • agency producer: Jo Allen


Whilst prepping sound effects ahead of the session, we realised we’d struggle to find enough for the Scalextric shots, which were supplied to us mute. 
The only option was to buy a brand new Scalextric set!
It felt like Christmas had come early at Gramercy Park. We set to work building the track in the VO booth ready for recording.

The Scalextric shots are a mix of car passes, crashes and onboard footage. Once we’d covered off the passing shots, we concentrated on the onboard sections. After trying a couple of techniques we discovered the most effective way to get the onboard sound, was to lift the rear wheels off the track and increase the engine from zero to full power, giving us a good rev range to choose from.
Finally we recreated the crash shots, by accelerating hard, until the car left the track, which gave us that unique clattering sound.

Once in place, we added the rest of the elements – voice-over, live footage, comms, music and sfx to achieve the finished mix.

Project Breakdown