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  • client: Betfair
  • agency: WCRS
  • creatives: Gavin & Ken
  • creative director: Ben Long
  • agency producer: Eira Ellis-Jones (Hogarth)
  • director: Warren Fischer
  • production company: Bunker NY, GPS NY


  • motion graphics: Bradley Franklin
  • flame: Mark Beadall
  • colour: Ben Rogers
  • cgi: Mike Bonnington, Chris Gornall, Charles Downman, Penny Shaw
  • cgi supervision: Nuno Pereira
  • vfx supervision: Francisco Lima
  • sound design: Toby Griffin
  • design: Debbie Vayanos
  • post producer: Julie Nixon, Tanya Johnson
  • audio producer: Richard Donaghue
“We open on a group of guys playing basketball, silhouetted against the Manhattan skyline". As soon as we read this first line of the script we knew we had to be involved in this project for Betfair's launch in the US. Our friends at WCRS had come up with a visually stunning idea to shoot in New Jersey - allowing us to use the cinematic views across to Manhattan. We would then devise and design on-screen CG signs into the skyline which would also interact with the live action footage. Having captured on-set lighting set-ups and other in situ references, our VFX & CG supers at GPS were able to build and capture real world set-ups so that our London based CG & VFX teams could produce seamless comps. Design influences were taken from Neon America and on screen gaming apps. The final sound mix and colour grading were also done at GPS, which completed a full production circle for our team and facilities.