High Five - Campaigns That Will Make You Jealous

High Five - Campaigns That Will Make You Jealous
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High Five Ben Rogers

Head of colour grading at GPS, Ben Rogers, chooses five exceptional works that he wishes he could have been part of


Great, I get to talk about all of my favourite ads that I never got to work on, that I wish I had. Here I am on the central line after a very busy day trying not to think about Guinness 'Surfer'...


Nike - 'Move'

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

Production: RSA

Director: Jake Scott

This commercial is wonderful. Like many others, I can watch it over and over and over again - even today on the central line. When I was a runner at VTR, I used to hang out at RSA on Beak Street, it was fantastic they used to have drinks every week and you could smoke in the office, so much fun, one evening my friend David gave me - a rare (at the time) DVD copy of the RSA showreel, which I watched with fascination. Nike's 'Move' commercial was one of the first things on there - its fluidity with the music was mesmerising and changed the way I looked at TVCs. Sound is as important as visuals.



Guinness - 'Surfer'

Agency: AMV BBDO

Production: Academy

Director: Jonathan Glazer

This has to go in there, obviously. At my first position at Framestore CFC I was one of the online edit assistants, so I got to help out on some of the smaller jobs like dubbing and helping the online editor. It was fantastic! I have heard so many great legends about the making of this commercial, in fact I'm currently working with the edit assistant Nick Lofting who set me straight about a couple of the myths surrounding this project, can anyone tell me if it was shot black and white or colour?



Mercedes - 'Presence'

Agency: AMV BBDO

Production: Knucklehead

Director: Johnny Green

It does what it says on the tin, and with it, it oozes style and charisma, truly original. I wonder how many times this commercial has been used as a reference for other campaigns or productions? Luckily for me, I got to grade the second part of this campaign for Johnny. It was called 'Ambition'...kind of ironic for me.



Mr Kipling - 'Delivery'

Director: Dave Lodge

Production: Outsider

What a lovely director. When this was released, it caused outrage and was banned very quickly, as I understand. I don't know anyone who didn't laugh at this spot - hilarious and indulgent.



Honda - 'Grrr'

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

Production: Nexus

Directors: Smith and Foulkes


Ad of the century? Love it like you hate it! This TVC is nearly unbeatable, I am now laying in bed and both me and my partner are singing along to it, and smiling, unforgettable for me. And I drive a Black Honda Civic 1.8 Petrol - I love it.


As originally featured in LBB Online: https://www.lbbonline.com/news/high-five-campaigns-that-will-make-you-jealous